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Take Your Team’s Snacking Experience to the Next Level

We offer cutting-edge vending machines stocked with a diverse selection of tasty and health-conscious products tailored to suit the specific needs of every location. Our machines are equipped with advanced inventory tracking software, ensuring timely replenishment. Your satisfaction is our priority, whether it’s for your school, business, or facility, providing top-notch options and swift service—all at no cost to you.



Engage with a dedicated team member to determine if BetterHealth Vending aligns with your workplace’s needs and culture.


Choose from an extensive variety of nutritious snacks, refreshing beverages, and popular vending items tailored to your preferences.


We install the machine at your location and kickstart your upgraded snacking experience with BetterHealth Vending.


At BetterHealth Vending, we excel in partnering with high-traffic establishments like airports, large offices, warehouses, and shopping centers, offering highly customizable vending solutions tailored to enhance visitor satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art machines cater to the diverse dietary preferences and needs of large volumes of people, ensuring that everyone finds something to enjoy.

With strategic placement and minimal effort on your part, we make it easy to elevate the convenience and quality of your service offerings.

Our Commitment to Quality:

Trend Awareness
We stay ahead of consumer trends and highly value your feedback, ensuring our offerings meet your team’s preferences.
Continuous Refreshment
We frequently update our product selections to cater to the dynamic needs of your customers, ensuring satisfaction and variety.
Efficient Service
Our remote monitoring system alerts us when supplies are low, ensuring your machine is always stocked and functioning.
Quick Support
Should any issues arise, our local service team is on call. We guarantee a response within 24 hours to handle any concerns.


Is there any cost to me or my company to get a vending machine?
No, not a dime! Our state of the art machines are provided at absolutely NO cost to your business. In fact, not only do we provide the machine, but we also service and stock it on a regular basis with your favorite snacks and drinks.
What are the electrical requirements?
There’s no special wiring or connections required; all you need is a standard 110/120 three-prong outlet.
How big is the vending machine?
The standard size is 6 feet tall X 3 feet wide X 31 inches deep. The Smart Mart component adds 16 inches to the width of the machine.
Who stocks the machine?
We do! BetterHealth Vending will monitor, stock, and service the machine as often as necessary. We are well-trained to ensure that the quality of service provided is far superior to anything you may have experienced before with other machines. We are residents of the community and are eager to share our commitment to offering healthy products to your employees/customers.
Can our company choose the products that go into the vending machine?
ABSOLUTELY YES! Your company can be instrumental in the products that are offered. We believe it is important to provide a good variety of products to satisfy everyone's needs. We will provide you with some popular options for the Lowcountry, but we can meet with you to discuss changes to the selections and your suggestions.
Is there a contractual obligation or binding agreement when accepting a free vending machine?
Nope! You can explore the benefits and convenience of our vending machines without the worry of being locked into a long-term contractual commitment. We can remove the vending machine at any time without any cost to you.
What types of healthy products will be stocked in the machines?
The healthy products we provide are all national name brand items. These are the same products you can find on the shelves of your local health food grocer such as Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc. Many of these healthier products are now going mainstream and can be found on the shelves of traditional grocery stores and even convenience stores. Not only do the products we offer provide healthier alternatives, but they also taste great, and people really love eating them!
How long will it take for us to get a machine?
It usually takes about 1-2 weeks after our initial meeting to coordinate delivery and prepare for installation.


Serving the Lowcountry

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